Electrical & Instrumentation

AAABC provide many engineering services such as projects material take off, design review, detailed engineering, preparation of work-shop drawings & installation of typical details, electrical & instrumentation consultation services and finally updating of approved for construction drawings to create the actual as-built drawings.

ACCURATE’s services are provided with the necessary expertise and efficiency to ensure a maximum profitability consistent with high quality performance to the customer. AAABC has a wide experience in supply & provision of material and equipment associated with electrical and instrumentation construction activities. This can include the material specification review, confirming the material compliance with projects standards, proposing alternatives, checking and inspection while manufacturing process & attending factory acceptance test.

AAABC’s main core business is the project management with all the related phases such as initiation, planning, execution, control and project close-up. This include all the relevant processes budgeting, estimating, planning, cost control, risk analysis, quality assurance and control, communication, checking of non conformance, proposing of corrective and/or preventive action up to the project hand-over.

AAABC offers to perform services on long-term basis using a call-out contract for overhauling & revamping works, shut-down periods, maintenance and modification activities, construction works needed by projects department of running plants; Test, Pre-commissioning and Commissioning Works.

AAABC also has a strong arm in all the test, pre-commissioning and commissioning works. This includes the electrical test such as primary and secondary injection, hipot test, relay setting and coordination as well as the instrumentation related tests such as pressure tests, calibration, loop tests & function test. AAABC is providing highly qualified supervision and direct professional trades for construction & commissioning phases on hiring basis in accordance with customer requirements.