Tools & Machinery

AAABC have ties with various Tools & Machinery stockists for executing the works. We have 2 warehouses for carrying out Fabrication and Other works. The Warehouse is equipped with latest technology of machinery. New innovations and improvements are persistently made to meet market trends and demands. Reliable products and customer satisfaction await your patronage. We welcome you to develop a mutually profitable relationship with us on a long-term basis.

With all companies within the group is the supply of high quality machines from manufacturers prepared to support the product and work with the customers.

AAABC has constantly endeavoring fundamental knowledge, innovating technology and considering customers’ satisfaction as the first priority and ultimate goal. We know and understand that our customers contend in an ever advancing, always demanding, rarely compromising, and always-competitive global market place.

Together with our machine tool builders, AAABC supply of Machine Tools is committed to the success of each and every customer.